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January 28th 2014

I hope that all of you are staying warm. This is an incredibly cold winter for us and I am grateful every day that I have a home. I received some compliments on the last letter, so I thought I would use this form of communication again for some important information. It is also posted on the website home page.

The Eagle Watch weekend ad did manage to bring some strangers to town. I heard from 3 merchants that they had visitors. I am placing another ad for Valentine’s weekend. Staggard is playing in Carthage Saturday Feb. 15th. at 9:00pm for a very good cause. Friday and Saturday we will try to bring people to town for spa/hair treatments, dinner and drink specials and stay the night at either Riverview Cottages or Inn on College Hill B&B. All we can do is try and if it doesn’t work, we will try something else. J

The visitor center was open this weekend and although we did not entertain any strangers, some locals stopped in. They were happy to see the fort and taste-test Brittney’s goodies which included red velvet cheesecake muffins, cookies and cream cookies and buckeye muffins topped with ½ a mini Reece peanut butter cup, yum yum. The visitor center will now house a bakery in the back room called: “You Gatta Try This!” During construction we will not be open. Our opening day for the visitor center and the bakery is May 1.

We also had an economic development meeting at the visitor center last Wednesday. Our committee is having the same trouble in all towns. For some reason, we are not receiving input from the business owners. So, the director of economic development in Hancock County would like to make an appointment with any business owner who would like our help. Dustin Berg is handicapped so if we could get a day where he can visit Warsaw and meet with any interested business owner, we can set that up so you do not have to go to Carthage. Please contact Kate at city hall if you are interested and we will make it happen.

Cassie presented the Riverfront Grant proposal to the Lions Club last week and this week at the council meeting. The major concern of all of us is spending money on an area that floods. Believe me, the riverfront committee is agreed on this point as we have spent a couple years working on this grant and we don’t want our time to go to waste either. Some of this time has been spent meeting with PSBA, our city engineers. We have looked at the 500 and 100yr flood plain and with the improvements, we will only be effected in years when nothing is really safe. The elevation of Water St. will only rise in places where it is regularly flooded and will augment the riverfront improvements.

We have received some nuisance ordinance complaints, and have noted every one of them. I am contacting those that were less than compliant this year to make sure, come April 1, they will be prepared for more action or more severe penalties. Most of these people are Main St. building owners. Due to the money we are spending to bring visitors to town, we do not want to waste it just to show our visitors we have plywood on windows and bricks falling on their heads. Unfortunately, there are now 4 buildings that cannot be saved and must be demolished. All 3 building owners have no money to demolish these buildings, so we are looking for grants and assistance to help us clean up Main St.

Lastly, we have had reports of a prank caller targeting Warsaw. They get you by trying to explain that one of your loved ones is in trouble and needs money. The phone number shows unavailable. Please be aware of this and call our police if it happens to you. Thanks in advance.

I am writing this before the city council meeting which is on the 29th. Please check , Town of Warsaw, City Hall news next Monday to get a summary of the meeting.

January 21 2014

Sheeee’s Baaaaack …. :-)

Hello Everyone!

I am running around town again like a madwoman, so I guess the surgery was successful and I am extremely grateful.

Back to work today and lots to tell:

ECONOMIC DEVEOPMENT MEETING IN WARSAW, Visitor Center, 7:30am TOMORROW. Wednesday Jan 22. If you are a business owner please come to this meeting. It is the organization we pay to help us grow our local business. I need help understanding what magazines you want to advertise in, what help you need to increase your net profit. 1 hr meeting.


I went ahead and put an ad in the Shopper and the Daily Gate/Bonnie Buyer for these last 2 weeks. Advertising our restaurants/bars, Sue Signs because she did the Eagle Watch road signs that will be placed tomorrow, and Lynn Felgar as he is our local eagle expert, and I am going to open the visitor center Fri, Sat. and Sun 10-5. Chris said on Saturday, this last week, 4 people stopped him in the street with Iowa plates and asked where Haages was with the cheapest drinks in town. Chris joined them in there and they were pleased they stopped in. I would like to continue this type of advertising for the town. If we could get some businesses to participate.. like come up with some specials, let us know and then for $10/mo. per business, then we could afford to do one every month. For instance, next month we could do Valentines Day weekend. We could focus on the restaurants/bars for Valentine dinners etc., but we can also include salons, hair shops, insurance, financial advice, real estate, Printys, Flambeau photography or any other ‘people’ photographer…Focus on bringing couples and families to town. Then in March we can hit those business not yet covered. We really need to work as a town and show that even though we are small, we do have a lot of businesses that we want to keep and Warsaw has a lot to offer new families.

RIVERFRONT GRANT: Cassie Weigand, head of the riverfront committee will be presenting a slide show on the improvements suggested at this time. The grant needs to be submitted in September and we need to raise $35,000 to get us the $100,000 that we need.

$50,000 was just deposited into the city account from a grant submitted for the mudslide on the Hamilton-Warsaw road.

Jan 29 Wednesday 5:30pm is the City Council meeting. We will be discussing the police, riverfront grant, GIS maps for the city and changing the local liquor ordinance to be able to serve alcohol on Sunday morning. Please join us if you have any interest in these topics.

Lastly, if you have something to sell, please stop by this weekend with a sample and a card. I will display that item and place a sign next to it with your contact details.

Try and stay warm! This weather is crazy.

December 18 2013

I am so sorry that I forgot to thank the Lions Club.  They put up the Christmas tree on Main St. this year and it is a beautiful site.    Huge thanks to Rita Kerr and Anne Longenecker for decorating the visitor center.  It looks just as I would wish it to look.  I am told from Joyce Sparrow and Marlys Paar that all the chili went and about 50 people went through… Thanks Coalition, Lions, and the Park Board for making Christmas on Main Street happen.

I have set opening dates for the visitor center and have not followed through.. I am sorry.  I have every intention of opening the visitor center by summer, or in time for our “tourist season”.   There are a lot of moving parts.   Please enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and we will start a new year with fresh ideas, heart and soul.  Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays and I look forward to bringing in the New Year with a feel of freshness.

December 17 2013

Surgery went well.  Thank you to all well-wishers.

I have appointed Alan Leffler Mayor Pro Tem.  He can be found at city hall most days and is very willing to help.  City Hall:  217 256 3214,  I have asked him to step in until the council meeting in January.

WATER PLANT:  Had it’s water filters sandblasted and painted.  They look very impressive.  We got a good deal to fix the head tank while they had the roof off and equipment here.  Seems like a lot, but it has been a long time since it was done.  In some cases, never been done.

ROAD DEPARTMENT:  also found a fabulous deal on a new truck to help us with snow removal.  That ole’ gal has already saved neighborhoods after 8” of snow last weekend.

NUISANCE PROPERTIES:  We are putting all of this on hold until April 1 2014 due to weather.

WEBSITE:  The city newsletter that goes out with the water bill will be posted on our home page as well as going out in the water bill.  This will help a lot of our residents who want Warsaw news, but aren’t on our water system.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  Still looking for those business owners of Warsaw would like to get involved in economic development.  The website has our businesses listed, is your business on there?  If not, or you have additional information, please email:

ABANDON PROPERTY GRANT:  We did submit and application and plan for some grant money.  Click on the links to see what was submitted.

Warsawrevitalization      grantapplication

If we do get money to help us tear down abandoned buildings, we will need to first figure out the residents, IE: feral cats, coons, dogs, etc.  I have talked to Mike at Hancock County Animal Control, he says… Make sure you are telling your residents ahead of time to get collars or chips for their pets.   Residents of Warsaw, please get your pet collared or chipped as soon as possible!

CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET:  The WCC did a great job as well as business owners on Saturday.  The weather kept a lot of people away I am sure, but strollers were able to snack along the way and kiddies got to sit on Santa’s lap.


December 2 2013

Last week we met with PSBA to review their recommendations for making Water St. 80,000lb  for all our farmers and raise it 6ft in some sections so that it would not flood.  The total is about 2.5 Million dollars for 1 mile of street.   From URSA elevator to Mill St.   We will not be looking at anything right now but researching grants they recommend for this type of project as we have not 1 dime to throw at this.  In the meantime, we will keep it up as best we can and ask for our farmers using Water St. if they would participate monetarily in making this road suit their needs.  Some people have suggested that I might be partial to this project as I live on this road.  In fact, I am.  I would prefer it flood :-)  jk,.. Our house location is totally kewl when Water St. is under water.  We have no dust, traffic noise, visitors, we can fish off our deck.  We much prefer it would not be raised, but alas, that is not the best thing for our friends, neighbors and townspeople, or long term anything.

Please find the city engineer suggestions here:    waterstregulation

The next thing we are working on is a grant for abandoned houses.  Kathy Thompson forwarded me a grant opportunity about 10 days ago.  For those interested in removing abandoned residential buildings,  please click here: appgrant   This grant is for $75,000 toward demolishing abandoned residential buildings.  No matching funds required.  The link you see is connected to a file that is already old…. meaning, I, we, city council members are still working on it.  Wednesday we will submit our  information to the WIRC  grant writers and they create the final version.  The city pays them an annual fee for this service and I am so grateful they exist.  Please submit comments, information and any help you can give on this grant writing process to    before Wednesday noon.  Thank you in advance for your help.  Imagine, the government giving us money.

Christmas on Main Street –  December 14th!~ Santa and Mrs Claus will be at the Geode park cabins, 1 -3 pm.  The Blooming Warsaw ladies will be serving soup at the visitor’s center and all businesses on Main Street will be open offering their specialties.  Down on the riverfront the winery will be hosting a vendor blender.  Christmas on Main Street spread out this year!

Visitor Center – This week  we are hoping the fort goes in, along with the cabinets from the old building museum.  Annie Longenecker and Rita Kerr are going to help me get that building looking great for Christmas on Main Street as I am just not gana be able to do it.  I believe Marlys Paar and Joyce Sparrow will be serving the soup on the 14th.

I will be having back surgery next Monday so no update forthcoming on the 9th.  I will be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then back home from Quad Cities.  I have asked Alan Leffler to run the December council meeting which is on the 18th.  Although I might be physically capable of walking up city hall steps and sitting at city council table, I do not believe my brain, heart and soul and back will be worthy of running a meeting as important as the city council meeting.  I have every intention of being back at the helm after the first of the year and look forward to figuring out how to funnel all the passion in this town to a good cause.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Talk to you in a couple weeks.




November 25 2013

I just finished listening to the tapes of the city council meeting as I was unable to be there. I apologize to Jason Zenk and Jeff Hughes that attended to speak with me. I was told on Monday that I had to be in Moline Wednesday and had asked Kate to let everyone know that might sign up. I will be out of city hall until back surgery on Dec. 9th and then some time after. I am not appointing a temporary mayor at this time. Those citizens that would like to meet with me, let’s set up a time at my house….

There is really no other news this week. No grocery store, no butchery, no bakery, no visitor center, no streets update. The city guys have been working on the valves which is causing temporary boil orders. Alan Leffler has called a public safety committee meeting December 9th. It will be posted and open to the public.

Christmas on Main Street is December 14th. The WCC is putting it on and the park board as always is responsible for santa and the cabins. Vendor Blender is at the Sunset Winery December 14th as well.

November 18, 2013

It was not a good week in the world I know. Many people are still suffering in the Philippines and just yesterday our Illinois neighbors died from the same “natural causes”.

Sometimes you wonder,… “I want to give,… there are so many people that need help, …Who needs it more? Where do I start? What can I do? Why do I feel so tired all of a sudden?”

It is truly overwhelming sometimes. Most of us.. and I do mean Most of us… are good people. We want to do the right thing and help our neighbor and friend. And, sometimes, we just want to go and hide. I have no advice other than follow your heart and soul. If you are even thinking about others, that is a step that will help.

Update on our town… First and Last,… yeah.. I got burned again on FB.. second time is as good as third strike and I’m not going back.. it’s passé and well, it’s just not for me. I have asked Deb, my mate to copy and paste City Hall notes from the official Warsaw Website: to the Warsaw Mayor FB page, but I’m 5 days clean of FB and I ain’t goin back. If you would like to make comments to me, email is:, my phone number is 309-337-9029, address is 210 N. 4th St. Or, city council meetings are on the last Wednesday of every month except for holiday months like this Wednesday and next month. Anyway, you get my drift… I’m not going to argue in front of every one, so we can make an arse of ourselves. I can be found, if you want to find me.,,,but no longer on FaceBook,

Warsaw – Water St.,- Meeting was pretty much awesome when you get IDOT from Springfield and Carthage and Quincy all happening with the most knowledgeable road and grant information you could ask for…. Seriously, it was really good. When we can take the next step, I will let you know.

Riverfront Development – The committee has decided to go for a $100,000 grant, which means we have to come up with $30,000 to get that money. We are planning for the following: a shower/bathroom facility that will not be damaged with high water. It will be hooked to the south end of the new shelter house on high ground. Next is a floating dock that will sit on the south end of the harbor, but on the river, to allow our visitors from Quincy and Lock 19 to sit a spell and enjoy the winery and amenities. The amenities consist of playground and recreational equipment that can withstand our nemesis, Mother Nature. We are also working on some landscaping that could provide shade for our guests and prevent further washout of our existing trailer pads. We have to submit this grant by September 2014. I hope someone can help me figure out how to raise $30,— by that time.

Visitor Center – The Fort will be going in this week compliments of Jeff Thill. He has totally rebuilt a new model of Fort Edwards to fit the visitor center space. We also have aldermen that are working to move all the historical cabinets from the ‘building museum’ to the visitor center while we solidify the ground beneath the Veteran’s Memorial Park. Molly Hurley is in the process of painting a huge map of Warsaw on the wall of the visitor’s center so our guests next summer can rent a bike to tour our historic town and beautiful homes. Yes, we will be renting bikes and selling Warsaw memorabilia and offering gifts for those that found their way to our lost town.

Warsaw Club Card – We only made $800 this year from the club card. I hope that all businesses continue their offers for 2014 and we can bring more in for the city next year.

Marketing Ideas- We all know I’m full of piss and vinegar and a lot of steam… here are some of my crazy thoughts that need either capped or bottled:

Virtual Citizens: People I would like to invite to Warsaw. Average age 27, have jobs on computers that require only working out of their house. They make great income and a road trip to the grocery store is an adventure, not a pain. Wouldn’t they love to purchase an historic house in a town where cowboys and Indians met. Where the most awesomest, greatestest, powerfulest river called the Ole Miss resides. 1 stop light and it flashes, no rush hour. No comments on how the Mayor needs English lessons please, that was a joke.

International Students and Green Peace patrons: I don’t need to invite them here, they just need to be aware we are here. Jim and Amber Lamer run one of the most pristine ecological zones in our fair country and it sits right next to our town. The acreage of foliage and natural inhabitants of this land would be folly for any international student looking for the ‘real USA’. Did you know that they don’t have squirrels in Australia?

RiverRats – I know we pride ourselves on being the best at this.. but seriously, If we could get visitors from a non=Mississippi river= experience…. I believe, given the right combination of Warsaw residents, we could make believers out of any city folk.
River Rats Rule!

November 11 2013

Couple of things before Warsaw tonite that are way more important.

My family covers every division of military service there is. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and reserves. Thank you to all members of these organizations that are formed by our bravest and most courageous souls.

I would also like to ask that we pray for all those involved in the travesty in the Philippines. The photos are devastating and heart-breaking.

On the Warsaw side. I understand that there is confusion on me asking for support for a ‘general store’ when we have hopes that one of our own will open a ‘general store’. I do not believe I have ever called the project at the old Gingerbread House as a grocery store. I have referred to it as a future Meat Market with a few specialized necessities. As Mayor, one of my responsibilities is to assist in economic development for our community. Paul Figge and I have been discussing how he could possibly create a business in town that would actually be a long term solution for our community. In all of our discussions, he has assured me that he will in no way try to provide a full on grocery store. In all of our discussions, he has encouraged me to pursue a Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree etc. A small HyVee or County Market WOULD interfere with his idea since he is interested in offering a butchery. A butchery is not offered with any of the ‘general store’ options I have spoken of. An example of something that would work in our community is exactly what Montrose, IA has provided for it’s residents. Montrose is smaller than Warsaw, yet they support Dave’s Meat Market and a Dollar General. There is something I have not yet discussed with you. Hamilton recently turned down a development of a 48 unit rent-controlled apartment complex. I have asked the development company if they would consider Warsaw. Their answer was… we are looking at (in order of importance): drug delivery, food, hospital and school. Obviously, we are lacking in all of these. However, there are options that can be worked on.

I am sure your question is: how do we get development here without food and how do we get food here without development. It is a lovely question I get to ask myself every single day. A catch 22 that effects us all. I just want you to know, I am working on it and when I ask for help… it is a question that I ask because of many many things.

November 4 2013

Good Monday Morning after the time change!  I love the first couple days of Fallback …. I get to sleep in, but wake up early… you know what I mean?? :-)  Anyway… writing this Monday post early because there a lot of things happening, but I only want to talk about 1 thing :

Would you like a Dollar General in Warsaw?

…………….Me Too.  In order to get a Dollar General in Warsaw, we must convince Dollar General that we will support them and that we have enough people interested and we have been wanting this for a long time.  I have sent multiple emails to a corporate representative, Chris Meyers and  I have talked to, and emailed the Regional Manager Jim Reaves.   I have expressed each time how lots of people in Warsaw have asked me to get a Dollar General in town.   Would you guys be able to email them and tell them your story on why you need a Dollar General in town?  Anything you can say to help the cause would be greatly appreciated.

All emails should be addressed to the following 3 people.

This is the most important thing for Warsaw right now.  If everyone sends just 1 email it will help the cause tremendously.

Thank you and have a great week!

October 28 2013

This week I met with our city engineers to discuss funding for Water St. We will be meeting with IDOT and our county engineer next week to evaluate the feasibility of the pavement preservation program that can help us make Water St. a better road for us and our farmers.

The countertops were installed in the visitor center this weekend. Heat is being turned on today. Jeff Thill told me the new fort model is coming along. I am meeting with the health inspector on Wednesday to see what is required to make a bakery out of the back of the visitor center. We have been unsuccessful in finding an alternate building, so we are going to try and make it work in the VC.

We had a road committee meeting last week to discuss snow removal equipment and we feel that all is good to handle whatever snow we get this winter.

All in all it was an uneventful week. If anything interesting happens at the city council meeting Wednesday, I will be sure to let you know. Have a great week and here comes November!

October 21 2013

The news of the day is the sale of Pa’s Market and by all accounts it will be a funeral home. If I was to have picked a business I did not want to have in that building, that would have been it. However, it will be a new business in Warsaw and not an empty building, so I will live. I am told the new owners have the ability to make it very nice so we will keep our fingers crossed.

Had an absolute blast at Jerad’s Saturday for a party that only a true country star could put on. Hogs, Ducks, Turkeys, BonFires and the most excellent band for entertainment. I felt privileged to be there.

Cindy Iutzi put a most flattering article about me in the Daily Gate today. I am most grateful to them and the Journal-Pilot for recognizing Warsaw efforts… not just mine, but all Warsawnians being proud of our town.

This week I am working on the funding for Water St., the cleanup of the Signal and other properties, the profitability of the Visitor Center and world-wide marketing for the possible international backpackers lodging above the VC. I currently have 3 backpacker customers… 1 in Spain, 1 in Brisbane, 1 in Sydney. I’m thinking of a plane, train, automobile type of campaign for travel from these locations :-) It’s either that or a sea turtle. If we DO ever get this crazy idea to work, I might need some young men with boats to take all the shielas for a ride to the sandbar or take some blokes fishing.

The Warsaw website: has been updated again. Shawn Brownlee is our webmaster, he is on FB and can get your business online. Please contact him to get a personalized page for your business on our website.

October 31st at 5pm is the VFW/Hill-Dodge Bank Halloween in the Park with hotdogs. Beggar’s Night is 6-8pm.

October 14 2013

Another fabulous weekend in Warsaw and still going for some of us! The weather is just right for bike rides, boat rides, sunsets, walks… nice lack of bugs, dusty though from the non-ending harvesters. Bow down to those boys putting in some hours of late. Chris and I went up Friday night to listen to Bo and Scotty and Molly at the D.O.T. Sunday we came uptown for an ice cream at Scoops, walked Main St… decided it was too nice so we got on the bike and drove around town. WoW. Town looks really nice. Thank you to all that cleaned up their place a bit this summer. It really shows. The difference is very noticeable. Thank you.

This week I get to follow up with IDOT on if we now have Water St. as an official major collector, and if so… what’s the next step? We are trying to get government money to assist us with bringing Water St. up to spec. for our farmers and many drivers of Water St.

I did go to court last week against 2 nuisance cases. Both were amicable meetings and both properties are now not health or safety issues. I am still hoping to work on the Signal with Mr. Courtois and have offered assistance. He has been unhealthy, so we are in a state of continuance until next month. The article by Cindy in the Daily Gate was awesome. I still do not know if the LDS will help in anyway. As I search for these answers and more, the lot has been picked up and the building is now locked.

We had some amazing fun raisers in the last month… The Riverfront Fish Fry, the 5k Warrior and the Lions Fall Classic. So many different people came out to support these events, thank you for supporting Warsaw. My hat’s off to Cassie, Melisha and Louie. Look forward to the next one. Which reminds me. You need to schedule those as soon as possible and get them on the Rob Carson Hancock Co. Schedule for 2014. Summerfest, any events that we have annually need to be set and then sent to Rob to make our community calendar work.

Vendor Blendor is October 19th at the Bott. Get over there and do some easy early Christmas shopping.

October 31st: Families, please bring the kiddies, 5pm, to Ralston Park for a local Halloween Beggar’s Night sponsored as always by the VFW and Hill-Dodge Bank.

October 7 2013

Oh My My – What a fantastic weekend it was in Warsaw! Friday night was the Ford Driven night, and although goals weren’t met, it is a great idea and needs to be done again. Saturday started at 11am – VFW Freedom Ride put on by Vicki Shaffer, Robin Satterly and many others… in both rain and sunshine, the bikers showed up. The party out back of the VFW hopped all afternoon. Dinner at the Lions Fall Classic was the place to be later. I said it last year and this year I will say it again, the team led by Louie Zinn and Joe Clarke, the Warsaw Lions Club, can not only put on an extravaganza, but they can make money from it. Unbelievable night was had by all. The steaks were tender and cooked to perfection.. the games, raffles, auctions, prizes, the circus-like atmosphere of fun was orchestrated perfectly. The customer service and smooth operators and pretty young gals running around making money for the cause… , was just a fabulous evening:-)

On Sunday, members of the Evangelistic Church of Keokuk, led by our own HS drama teacher Shawn Whiteaker worked on landscaping at the high school then came up to Main St. The team of 20+ helped remove rock from the Historic Park, removed the deck from the back of the visitor center, painted the inside of the visitor center, cleaned up the empty lot next door and pulled carpet from the new retail shop! It was like a magical swarm of bees… they all went in, and when they came out, it was done. Unbelievable gratitude from me to those folks helping with Warsaw when some of them live in Hamilton and Keokuk! Then Sunday afternoon was the Oakland Cemetery tour and although I was unable to attend, those that did said it was an incredible afternoon and we should have it more than just once a year. This person said it was not only informative but also very entertaining with the costumes and stories.

a couple new businesses will be opening up in town.

1. “you gatta try this!” Bakery will be going into the Main St. Café location. Brittney Howe is the baker and just her recipes make your mouth water. Opening Soon.
2. “the hideout” short term lodging apartment at 420.5 Main St. Upstairs apartment-style short term lodging. Taking reservations for after November 15th. Information on: Lodging page.
3. Trading Post Visitor Center grand opening October 31st, beggar’s night.
4. “Shtuff” an eccentric, eclectic, new, used, collectible goods retail shop. Opening Spring 2014.

October 19th is the Vender Blender at the Bott

PUTT-PUTT Hole Contest has been moved to spring. Use this winter time in the garage to come up with, and build a fun, portable putt-putt hole. 1st prize is $500, 2nd price is $250 and 3rd is $100. No larger than 16ft x 8ft. Portable… The idea is this… a town putt-putt golf course. .. that moves.

Have a great week everyone!

September 30 2013

5K Run/Walk – This was a huge success due mainly to Melisha Thomas, Molly Hurley, Joe Clarke, Doug Buelt and many many others that sponsored, volunteered and participated. The organization of the event was as professional as a big city run and next year will be the 3rd annual and will grow even more.

SeptemberFest – We have decided that Mother Nature wants to join every outdoor event we have and show herself in the form of rain. This is very unfortunate for us trying to make money, but we still managed to have fun.

Flower Plots – This year is the hardest yet in my 4 years of running it. I usually only have to ask 3 anonymous voters and that gets us 3 places. This year, I have asked 7 anonymous voters and out of those we can get 1st place which is awarded to Hill-Dodge Bank, and 2nd place which is Randy and Kay Flambeau. 3rd place will not be given this year because every single voter voted for a different one. That means all of you did a great job and appealed to many different tastes. Thank you for all of the color this summer and we look forward to next summer when Blooming Warsaw will hang over 100 pots from our light streets. Thank you to Rita Kerr for all her help and once again, Brianne Householder for watering all summer.

Water St. – We have been working with IDOT to get funding for Water St. as it is a major collector for this town and a very important road for our farmers in the bottoms to get to the elevator.

Visitor Center – We will have a large volunteer day this Sunday, October 6th. Starting at 9am – 12:00pm. Show up if you have time.

Lions Fall Classic will be at the Bott Center Saturday October 6th as well as the VFW Freedom Ride.

The fort at the Fairgrounds will be torn down by the Lions Club to eliminate any other fire hazards and liability issues. They are talking of cleaning it up and placing playground equipment or a new shelter house in place of the fort.

September 24 2013

Homecoming – Was amazing! The town has not been that packed in years. The kids did an excellent job on the floats and marching band was fantastic. It was a wonderful weekend for all to enjoy.

Visitor Center – we took some more baby steps this week on painting the trim and working on electricity. Karla Froman, Jeff Thill, Max and Rosie Murphy and Terry Rowlan all showed up this weekend to help, and I am extremely grateful for that.

SeptemberFest – This Saturday at Ralston Park! If you are a vendor, please be aware that we will be blocking off the streets in the early morning to protect our 5k Warriors. The race begins at 8am, roads will be blocked off until 10am. Vendors can enter town, go South on 6th St. turn on to Lafayette and go down to 3rd St. Then take 3rd St. back North to Ralston Park. We will open 3rd St. up just after 8:15am as the runners/walkers will be going down elevator hill and then back on 4th St.

Mayor Tasks this week include trying to convince Dollar General that Warsaw is the place to be, work with the Church of Later Day Saints on the Warsaw Signal abatement and bring our number of nuisance properties down from 3 pages to 1.

Lions Club Fall Classic and VFW Freedom ride are October 5th.

Beggars Night is on October 31st.

September 18 2013

Police Golf Outing – Thank you to everyone that showed up Friday to hit that little white ball. 3 students will benefit next year from the scholarship fund generated by the proceeds.

RiverFront Fish Fry – We had a steady turn-out even though there were quite a few things going on that day. We made about $1000 due to the hard work of many, but especially once again, Cassie Weigand and her family.

Visitor Center – We have started painting the outside of the building and will be working on trim and windows whenever we can. It was raining Sunday, so the deck has not come down yet, but we will attempt that this weekend. Volunteers are always needed.

Upcoming Events – September 28th is a BIG DAY with the Warsaw 5k, registration is at 7am. SeptemberFest begins at 10am in Ralston Park. October 5th is the VFW Freedom Ride and Lions Club Classic. October 19th is the Vendor Blender 9am -4am at the Bott Center.

Animal Control – Please make sure to get your dogs and cats chipped and collared.

Nuisance Properties – We have approximately a dozen problem properties that we are still working with.

Main St. Café – Closed on Sunday September 15th.

September 9 2013

FISHING DERBY – Was a huge success! Thank you Mary Webster for all your efforts as they certainly paid off. There must have been 100 kids down there with poles and around noon everyone enjoyed hotdogs cooked by Cletus Conover. Thank you to Jim Lamer and friends for getting some fish in the harbor for the tikes. What a wonderful day!

RIVERFRONT FISH FRY – 4:30-7:30pm Saturday 14th Bott Center. If you have an item for the silent auction, please bring that by around noon on Saturday. All proceeds will go toward Riverfront Development. We will be making deliveries to homes, so please get your order in now. You can call City Hall and tell Kate that you would like a plate of fish on Saturday so we can get your drop off scheduled.

RIVERFRONT CLEAN UP – I have to give a standing ovation for Terry Weeks and friends that worked the last couple weeks on Riverfront Park. It has been a mess all summer due to the high water and Terry donated his time and equipment to not only clean up the park, but also added some drainage rock around the shelter house and pads to help with moisture removal. Thank you Terry and Buster and Kenny and all others that helped make that park wonderful to use again.

VISITOR CENTER – The floor has been raised slowly for the last week. This was an ugly job but Terry Rowlan and AJ got ‘er dun! We are now working on building the countertop for all the visitor information and guides. We will need to schedule a deck demolish day sometime soon once the temperatures cool.

COUNCIL MEETING – Nothing new to report except to verify that the city is broke. We had our audit last week and we balanced out at $420 in our general account. This means we cannot afford a dog catcher or fence in the burn pile or purchase condemned houses and deal with them. We are just trying to work status quo for now. If you are an entrepreneur and have ideas on how the city can make money, please come forward and share.

SEPTEMBERFEST – 5K registration at 7am… race begins at 8am. Streets will be closed during this run. We are looking for volunteers to park in their vehicles during the race to block off the streets. If you can sit in your car for 90 min. at an intersection between 8 and 930, Saturday September 28th, please contact Molly Hurley at Vintage Vixons so she can assign you a street.

OCTOBER – 5th VFW Freedom ride and Lions Club Fall Classic. Both promise to be a great time!

September 3 2013

Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! Friday night started it off with a bang! Thanks again to Pat and Chad Thompson and friends for putting on a wonderful night for Warsaw to enjoy. Excited to see how many cars we get next year!

CITY COUNCIL MEETING: Still looking at burn pile options… One option is to fence in the area and keep it open during operational hours instead of setting up a camera. Nuisance properties are going along. We have sent a few to Carthage due to no action and no payment of ticket, however 80% of the properties notified of a problem have been picking up and making progress. We closed Illinois for a block party, but did not vacate Pine St. due to it running all the way down to the riverfront. We did appoint Leslie Tripp as the new City Treasurer to replace Krista Brownlee. We are still looking for a person to represent us at the Hancock County Economic Development meetings which are the last Wednesday of every month… the same night as our council meetings. Beggars Night is October 31st 5pm, and we are looking at putting the word Police on the police cars.

CAR CRUISE: 108 fabulous cars. Lots of Warsaw residents and visitors. Wonderful music by Staggard. Awesome night had by all!

VISITOR CENTER: Coming Soon! 422 Main St. Offering Warsaw history displays, walking tour guides, Warsaw souvenirs, tourist information.

EVENTS: September 7, Kids Fishing Derby – Warsaw Harbor
September 13, Warsaw Police Golf Outing – Contact Brandon Norris for information
September 14, Riverfront Fish Fry – 4:30 – 7pm
September 28, SeptemberFest – Ralston Park 10am
September 28, Warsaw Warrior 5K – Ralston Park – registration 7am, race start 8am
October 5, VFW Freedom Ride – Warsaw VFW
October 5, Lions Fall Classic – Bott Center
October 31, 5pm Beggar’s Night

August 26 2013

CITY COUNCIL meeting Wednesday, 5:30pm.  Topics to include security camera on burn pile, update on nuisance properties including the Warsaw Signal building, update on Riverfront progress and fish fry Sept. 14th.

CAR CRUISE – Friday August 30th… This is going to be big.. so be there!

ROAD WORK – 4th St. was closed today due to oil and chip.  We are currently getting quotes for culvert development to fix the ugly sink holes.

VISITOR CENTER – work is underway to develop a visitor/resident center at 422 Main St.  Any assistance you can give would be most appreciated.  please contact me on Facebook: Warsaw Mayor Page, or email: to volunteer time or construction materials.

5K – Get your applications in NOW for the Warsaw Warrior 5K September 28th, 8am before Septemberfest.


August 23 2013

You may have heard that I ended up purchasing the Finton Property on Main St. 422 Main to be exact. Alma and I will be signing the papers on Monday, but she has given me permission to go to work!

My vision for this building is to turn it into a super-kewl visitor/resident center. It will house Jeff Thill’s most excellent replication of Fort Edwards that he trailered in the Bi-Centennial Parade. It is 4ft tall, 8ft wide and 12ft long. It needs a home and this building has such a place. It also has room for the HomeTown Team Smithsonian Institute project that Joe Clarke and Pat Thompson have been working on. This building is to represent a meeting point for our tourists, travelers, citizens, friends and anyone who has interest in Warsaw-past, present or future.

My ideas include playing CDs all day long from our local artists with a chalk board that says: Now Playing – ???? and sell their CDs. I would like to sell city tshirts, wcc historical cards, ornaments, city novelties, hang pictures from local talent, offer a place for Matt’s glass yard trees, Terry’s wood lawn furniture and any other local talent that needs floor space. Offer a big city map with interest points and offer the walking tour guide.

Tomorrow, I will be bringing coffee and music along with some hammers, screw drivers, and masks. If you have nothing better to do, stop by. This is a community space and project. If you can’t make it Sat. am… I am sure I will be there Sun.. probably later as I’m busing it to hear Brushfire in Carthage… but I will be up there Sunday for a few hours working… then after work every day that I can and etc.

I think this is an excellent opportunity to involve everyone that reads this page, the website, the Community Internship Program, the Warsaw Coalition, Lions, and any other community group that may need some space to have an event. I look forward to meeting some of you face to face … instead of sentence to sentence.

August 19 2013

MOVIE NIGHT – August 24th.  Ralston Park.  Movie starts 8:30

PUTT PUTT COURSE CONTEST – Contestants are few and some have asked to be able to work on this type of thing over the winter when not so much is going on.  I think this is a good idea to get more people involved.  So, let’s delay the contest from SeptemberFest to SummerFest2014.  I think more HS kids would be able to participate this way.

WARSAW VISITOR CENTER – We have been looking for a place to sell Warsaw T-Shirts, Bi-Centennial memorabilia, WCC ornaments, Warsaw ClubCards as well as have a central place for Event Sign ups and raffle tickets.  This building would also house Jeff Thill’s Fort he built for the Bi-Centennial along with our HomeTeam Display next Fall.  Today Alma Finton sold me their building on Main St. (blue building next to the Warsaw Signal).  I believe the East apartment will make an excellent home for our impressive historical displays and a meeting center for the town.  The building will be owned by me, but that space is to be donated to the WCC, Lions, City, any town cause that needs space to advertise.

BURN PILE – We will be discussing adding a security camera to the burn pile as I understand someone set it Friday night.

Car Cruise is August 30th downtown.  RiverFront Fish Fry is September 14th.  SeptemberFest is September 28th along with the 5k.  Freedom Ride and Lions Fall Classic is October 5.  Lots going on in Warsaw!





August 12 2013

MOVIE NIGHT – The last movie night of this summer will be August 24th,  Ralston Park, the family movie will start around 8:30pm

PUTT-PUTT PORTABLE HOLE CONTEST – The contest is STILL ON!  We only have a few entries so get your hole started today!  No need to fill in an application, no entry fee.  Just build a portable putt-putt hole and have a chance to win $500 or $250 or $100!  The materials to do this cost approximately $100.  We are looking for ingenuity and good construction skills.  Contest is at SeptemberFest so bring you hole to Ralston Park on Saturday September 28th and see if your hole wins a prize.  If it is good enough, we will pay you $100 to purchase it for use in Warsaw’s first portable putt-putt golf course.

Car Cruise is August 30th downtown.  RiverFront Fish Fry is September 14th.  SeptemberFest is September 28th along with the 5k.  Freedom Ride and Lions Fall Classic is October 5.  Lots going on in Warsaw!

RIVERFRONT HARBOR – We are looking at plans to fill in the harbor.  Most likely it will be a partial fill so that we can maintain the dredging of the harbor to host fish tournaments.  The harbor has always been a problem for the city to maintain and we are looking for anyway to use that ground to make Warsaw money and keep our citizens happy.

ROAD WORK – 6th St. was done and boy oh boy did the guys do a great job!!  Please tell them so when you see them.

FLOWERS ON MAIN ST. – The city council voted down the usage of the fire truck to water the hanging pots next year so we are searching for a trailer and water tank and volunteers to water next year.  We all appreciate the look of the flowers, however, they do require water every day to look that way.  Please contact Rita Kerr with any information or volunteer help you have.

August 5th 2013

MOVIE NIGHT – The last movie night of this summer will be August 24th,  Ralston Park, the family movie will start around 8:30pm

RECYCLING – We will table recycling at this time due to lack of finances.  We are unable to locate a recycling company that we can afford at this time.  We recommend using the facilities in Keokuk next to the police station

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Warsaw has joined the Hancock Economic Development Group and we are currently seeking an energetic, self-motivated representative for us on the board of this organization.  Please contact Mayor Murphy on 217 256 3214 if you are interested or you would like more information.

RIVERFRONT GRANT – The riverfront committee chaired by Cassie Weigand is pursuing a 200k grant.  The city must come up with 70k to get these funds.  Applications will be submitted September 2014.  Please look for fund raising opportunities to help us get facilities, playground equipment and loading docks at the South end of riverfront park.

ANIMAL CONTROL – Please get your cats and dogs collared or chipped.  Starting in September we will be actively working to control stray animals in town.

UPCOMING EVENTS – Car Cruise, SeptemberFest, VFW Freedom Ride, Lions Club Fall Classic – Details can be found on Facebook

July 29th 2013

MOVIE NIGHT was July 27th and we had approximately 50 people to enjoy the beautiful evening in Ralston Park with grilled hot dogs and popcorn.  Jennifer Weise-Haskins was there selling Gold Canyon candles and the town T-shirts were for sale as well.  The next movie night will be August 24th.

RECYCLING – I have contacted Great River recycling who quoted us $1607/mo. to use their trailer and bins.  We would have to take our goods to Ft. Madison.  Obviously, we will not be taking this option.  I have contacted Area Refuse who quoted us $100/mo. to use their large construction bins and $100 each trip to haul the goods to Keokuk.  Their bins are too large for a standard trailer so they would have to move the stuff.  They suggested 1 bin for cardboard, another for the mixture of paper, tin, glass and plastic.  We would then pay the difference for the transfer station to sort the goods.  At this time, I do not see recycling happening in Warsaw due to the fact that it will cost either the citizens or City money and in case I am mistaken, the majority of the citizens and City do not have money to spend.  These options will be discussed at the City Council meeting Wednesday July 31st at 5:30pm, at city hall.

ROADS – 6th St. will be closed due to road maintenance July 31st to August 6th.

NUISANCE PROPERTIES-  Only a few business owners and citizens received tickets as most of the people cleaned up their property or are in the process of doing so.  We will continue to monitor these properties to assure we do not have to go through this again.

ANIMAL CONTROL – The State has mandated that untagged cats can be treated the same as dogs as there is no special ‘Cat Ordinance’.  The law states that if the animal is caged and does not have a chip or collar then they can be delivered to the County Animal Control center.  If they are chipped or collared, then they will be delivered to the owner with a warning.  The second offence will be a fine of $100.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Jerry Bartell of the Hancock Economic Development group will be speaking at the City Council meeting July 31st in order to help us get assistance for our existing and new Warsaw businesses.

RIVERFRONT GRANT – We are pursuing a $200,000 grant to add facilities to our Riverfront Park.  These facilities will include a shower and restrooms, a loading dock located just south of the existing shelter houses, rip-rap on the river’s edge south of the river to increase fishing and preserve the strip of land on the west side of the harbor.  We will also be looking at playground and exercise equipment for our runners/walkers.

BURN PILE – We have in possession a document from the EPA stating that we are within our rights to have a burn pile where it is currently located.  We will discuss at the City Council meeting July 31st how we can monitor the lighting of the pile by residents after sundown.

FLOWERS ON MAIN ST. – Rita Kerr is responsible for placing the extra pots and hanging baskets on Main St.  She received a $2,000 grant to help with the first lot of baskets.  She will be looking for another grant and asking citizens to donate for the additional baskets hanging from the town light poles.  Please contact Rita for more information on:  309-224-8090

FARMERS MARKET – Thursdays 4pm – 6pm Ralston Park through October.

CAR CRUISE – August 30th starting 4pm – ? Downtown Warsaw.

SEPTEMBERFEST AND WARRIOR 5K WALK/RUN – SeptemberFest and the Warrior 5k Walk/Run will be September 28th.  Registration for the run is 7am, race starts at 8am.  SeptemberFest starts at 10am in Ralston Park.  More information on FaceBook

VFW FREEDOM RIDE – October 5th.  Sponsored by the Warsaw VFW and Vickie Shaffer leaving at 11am from Warsaw.  More information on FaceBook.